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Gabriela’s Connected Energy™ Healing helps clients (people and animals) all over the globe. Her ability to focus positive energy to heal and transform the lives of her clients is remarkable.

The healings that occur are always positive. While Gabriela can work in-person her practice is done completely at a distance which allows her clients to work with her from all over the world.  Healing(s) can be exactly what one would expect or something that was not realized was needed. 

Working with Gabriela does not require belief in it.  It just works.  Our mind, body and soul resonate with it and allow for transformational healing at all levels of a clients mind, body and soul.

Her ability to heal includes helping balance locations experiencing paranormal disturbances of all levels and kinds.

What Is Connected Energy™ Healing?

Energetic Health + Emotional Health + Physical Health = Better Quality of Life

All three levels must be addressed.

After years of hearing from clients how different she is from other healers, psychics, mediums, medical intuitive and animal communicators etc, Gabriela finally discovered a name that describe exactly what she does: Connected Energy™ Healing. Because every person is different, Gabriela allows the energy and information to come through exactly the way each client needs it. That means she allows all forms of information to come through including recommending supplements to help the body rid itself of deficiencies. Her information can also be used by her clients to help guide doctors and vets and other professionals with aiding her clients well being.

Mainstream science understands and believes that everything including humans are made up of energy.  These frequencies come together to make physical forms, whether it be human or mountain.  Everything has a frequency.  When energy through a healer is facilitated for a person, animal, plant or yes, even a place (energy healing can help reset the energy of a house and aid in paranormal disturbances) it positively affects that which it is aimed at on the core energetic level.  Energies are the building blocks of all things including us.  Energy therapy helps modify the frequencies of a person, animal and or place back to a place of balance.  In some cases, this is a process that takes a bit of time.  In other cases, the transformation into a state of balance happens instantly; what some would call miracles. 

Issues Connected Energy Healing Can Help With...

  1. Chronic Physical Pain

  2. Emotional Disorders (Anxiety, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Depression, Bipolar Disorder and yes, all other serious issues that exist!)

  3. Illness (Cancer, ALS, Liver Issues and again yes, these are just a few examples)

  4. Addiction Issues (Of All Kinds)

  5. Developing your own intuitive abilities so you have that deep inner knowing of what to do and peace inside that everything is already all right no matter what is happening. You'll always be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. Developing your own abilities to communicate effectively with other species.

  7. And so much more!

Energy Literacy   +   Emotional Literacy   =   Social Literacy

Connected Energy™ Healing changes lives for the better.

Please Note: Distance energetic healing is a complimentary therapy that is to be used in conjunction with traditional and other holistic methods in order to help transform physical and emotional challenges. As with MD's, no one can guarantee their services, but Gabriela's clients have always seen her session work be of help with the issues they need addressed.

Please Note:  Gabriela is not an emergency service. Her work is a proactive therapy. If you have an  emergency please call 911 or the appropriate services in your area.

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Gabriela has done some great work with my horses, family and myself. I am so glad I met her and asked her to work with us.  I highly recommend her and I am grateful to know her.


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